SANDSTORM® is a modular frac sand handling solution that sets up fast (under 3 hours for an entire system) and provides flexible storage capacities ranging from 550,000 to 3,300,000 lbs. Remote control automation allows the entire system to be operated by just 2 personnel. When combined with the high rate ViperBelt Integrated Proppant Loader, the SANDSTORM® system provides a smaller footprint, and a single unloading point with the fastest turnaround in the industry resulting in lower total transport costs. Just as importantly as the economic benefits, this combination of equipment design and technology helps to greatly improve last mile traffic and congestion.


Reduce The Dust

Industry leading dust control features are integrated from the transport unloading point through to the blender hopper to help reduce the risk of silicosis and protect the operating environment.


Control The Job

We developed the first sand control in the industry. Its simple design and intuitive nature allow operators to quickly master control, select which GravityBox to work from and establish the perfect rate required at the blender.


Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The GravityBoxes and VectorBelt Conveyors are controlled with, and powered by our unique single-engine HydraBear, helping you lower operating costs, reduce noise, and protect the environment.


Put The Proppant Down The Hole

Other systems that blow the sand and do not have the dust control features of SANDSTORM® leave expensive proppant all over the site as waste, create significantly higher risk for workers, the community and surrounding infrastructure while increasing maintenance costs for all other equipment on location.

Simulation Lab

There's a Better Way to Handle Frac Sand

At the SANDSTORM® Simulation Lab we’re using household flour – instead of frac sand – to compare the advantages of the SANDSTORM® system. How do competitive systems compare?



1) Gravitybox
Mobile Material Handling Unit

The 5000 cu.ft. GravityBoxes use gravity, a metering gate and on-board scales to accurately deliver frac sand to the VectorBelt.

2) Hydrabear
All-Terrain Hydraulic Power Unit

The HydraBear is a 4WD, 4 wheel steer, remote control, hydraulic power unit, providing power for operating SANDSTORM®.

3) Vectorbelt
Horizontal and Vertical Conveyors

The VectorBelts are completely enclosed conveyors to deliver frac sand from the GravityBox to the blender with maximum dust control and protection from the elements.

4) Viperbelt
Integrated Proppant Loader

The ViperBelt is a versatile, enclosed, remote controlled solution to convey frac sand at a high rate with maximum dust control.

Automated Control

One-man operation is achieved through an enhanced, and intuitive automation system. This allows the operator to adjust rates with the touch of a finger. Precise feedback of equipment status, individual proppant inventory and job totals are all displayed in an easy to understand, touch screen interface.



Large Capacity

GravityBoxes are designed to hold up to 550,000 lbs. of material and transfer frac sand onto conveyors through metering gates using gravity – no motors, blowers, dust filters, or augers are required.

Rapid Deployment

The entire system can be set up in under 3 hours, with just 2 people (no cranes, pickers, etc.) with the choice of multiple configurations to suit customer space limitations, job requirements and lease layout.

Accurate Operation

Weigh-on-the-fly scales are incorporated into the GravityBoxes and VectorBelts to precisely monitor GravityBox volumes and the delivery rates of 100 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. per minute.


SANDSTORM® utilizes a minimum amount of engines, staff, and eliminates the need for costly cleanup after a job is complete.


Dust Control

Enclosed conveyors and specially designed transition points ensure a silica dust controlled operation that virtually eliminates proppant loss, resulting in a cleaner, safer working environment.

Room to Work

The complete system uses a footprint that is up to 30% smaller than the size of some competitive products while reducing site impact and improving space and visibility for a safer work environment.

Minimized Risk

The entire system can be remotely controlled and computer monitored by a single operator – eliminating exposure to heights and silica dust when performing duties such as checking proppant bin levels.



SANDSTORM® is the result of working side by side with industry leading well service companies to identify and truly understand the key issues related to proppant handling. In our efforts to create a better equipment solution for our customers, we carefully considered a wide range of opportunities to make improvements along this critically important value stream – from the impact on the environment, safety for workers and the community, last mile traffic and congestion, simplicity of set up and operation, reliability, maintenance and of course for performance – both in real world conditions and where it matters on your bottom line.

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Mobile and telescoping, the ViperBelt takes proppant directly from the transport trailer or vessel and rapidly conveys it up and into the SANDSTORM® GravityBoxes. The remote control functions and dust-controlled conveyors create a safe one-man operation for the efficient filling of GravityBoxes or other competitive proppant bins.



The ViperBelt delivers material at rates up to 2x faster than other conveying systems and up to 10x faster than pneumatic systems. Pneumatic systems are slow in comparison, create significantly more airborne dust, and take up more room on the lease because multiple trailers need to unload simultaneously. All of this additional equipment significantly increases noise, air pollution, congestion, and total cost of ownership while increasing associated safety risks for all stakeholders.



The unique design features of the ViperBelt and SANDSTORM® system eliminate the need to transport, set up, operate and maintain additional pieces of equipment such as drive-over conveyors, vacuum systems, or other ancillary equipment. Because the ViperBelt telescopes to reach the unloading hatches of transport trailers and vessels, truck drivers can remain in the tractor – improving both safety and turnaround time.


The ViperBelt switches easily between a selection of modes optimized for different actions. Mode changes are fully automated and performed by simply selecting the mode and pressing a button on the remote.


At the touch of a button, the ViperBelt will retreat to its fully stowed position, allowing it to be transported using standard equipment trailers.


A wide range of motion on both the infeed conveyor and the discharge conveyor allow the ViperBelt to be used in many different configurations and on many different storage systems. Multiple styles of discharge attachments are available to accommodate various types of storage systems.


Blowing sand not only requires a lot more energy to move, it makes the sand airborne. Once sand is airborne, it requires vacuum and filtration for it to settle down again. The ViperBelt eliminates all these industry problems by simply conveying, and at up to 10x the rate of blowing.

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well site


CIG Well Site Operations provides hands-on operations of our full line of SANDSTORM® well site solutions equipment. Our team will help manage the set-up, delivery, and deployment of CIG equipment and frac sand to your well site to ensure your project goes as planned – on schedule and within your budget. Learn more about CIG's Well Site Operations services by scheduling a consultation with our experts.



Get Frac-sand delivered directly to your site through CIG's short-haul trucking services. We deliver proppant to your well site through our team of professional, experienced, short-haul truckers. Our short-haul trucking capabilities are a key component of the SANDSTORM® service, providing turn-key delivery, set-up, deployment, and tear-down services.

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