Work on a Logistics Team That Values Integrity, Safety, and Technology

Our team members are our greatest asset and we want your work at CIG to be a career, not just a job. To promote this long-term relationship, we are intentional with team members in the following ways:


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On-going Training:

Whether it’s new technology, company processes, safety procedures, or leadership development, CIG makes sure every team member learns on a continual basis.

Advancement Culture:

Long-term working relationships aren’t effective if they grow stale. CIG strives to give team members opportunities to advance within the company. Jobs are posted internally before anyone outside the company learns of openings.

Safety Priority:

CIG spends countless hours properly training all team members with verbal, visual, and hands-on methods to work safely around heavy equipment, railroad, and truck traffic. All team members have the authority to stop and question any process that seems unsafe or could lead to an accident. The main goal is for every employee team member, customer and truck driver to go home safely at the end of the day.