One Solution for Comprehensive Rail Efficiency

Management and Maintenance from the Experts in Rail Logistics

CIG Logistics has created a name in the oil and gas industry for superior, tech-driven transloading and inventory management solutions. Yet our approach to creating a frictionless supply chain is not bound by one industry or commodity. If you have extensive rail operations, we can help.

You may currently work with multiple rail maintenance and transportation management partners, but siloed services can slow processes and create gaps in support and communication.

The advantages of consolidating services in a strategic partnership with CIG allows for:

Standardized safety policies across all service areas for safer, more consistent service
Access to scalable, fit-for-purpose terminals in key locations
Real-time reporting and inventory management through cloud-based connectivity
Strategic planning and optimization of your supply chain
Accountability between trades

Service for Every Moving Part

Our experience in rail logistics means we understand each component is vital to successful transportation and transloading.

Rail Switching

  • Engineers, Conductors, and Switchmen
  • LULA Qualifications
  • Shuttle Wagon Operators
  • Remote Control Operators

Rail Safety Training

  • CIG policies resemble Class One GCOR Airbrake & Train Handling


  • Track Inspections
  • Switch Maintenance
  • Track Repair
  • Inspection Training

Radio Communications

  • Communications Assessment
  • FCC Compliant Radio Programming
  • Communication Set Up
  • Radio Maintenance

Railcar / Inventory Management Solutions

Green Field Site Design

Track Expansion

Site Operational Plans