Bulk Terminal/Rail Operator

Big Lake, TX


The Terminal Operator position consists of learning and participating in all job requirements involved with the operation of a rail distribution terminal. The position requires the hands-on operation of all terminal equipment, developing a familiarity with bulk truck and bulk rail car operations, and the administration of terminal reporting functions.


Safety, Integrity, and Technology are the primary factors at this terminal.  The Terminal receives product by bulk trucks, and rail.  Efficient handling of product in both receiving and shipping is essential to professional terminal operations and quality control. The manner in which trucks are expedited, customers are handled, and qualities are ensured are key functions of this position.

A positive attitude, terminal operation skills, mechanical aptitude, and the ability to be a team participant in a small cross-functional employee group are essential elements for a successful terminal operation.  The Terminal has a team commitment to operating in the safest and most environmentally responsible manner following all known safety laws, regulations and policies.  Providing the highest level of quality and customer service to our customers is a priority at the Terminal. Maintaining terminal equipment, good housekeeping in all work areas, and operating equipment safely is vital to efficient terminal operations.


  • Comply with all company safety rules and performs all duties in a safe and approved manner.
  •  Comply with all known Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations
  • Load bulk unit trucks correctly, providing legal weights and proper product for customer delivery or pick-up.
  • Perform routine maintenance on all terminal property and equipment. Maintain the terminal in a clean and presentable state.
  • Perform clerical functions following the established guidelines for the recording of receipts, shipments and inventory records.
  • Refer to the Terminal Manager or customer service on all customer complaints.
  • Assists at other Terminal locations as required
  • Responsible for unloading/loading railcars, transferring of product into proper silos/warehouses, sampling and testing of products received and shipped.
  • Assist with training of new employees
  • Assume responsibility of the terminals operation in absence of supervision.
  • Good mechanical aptitude
  • Knowledge of the safe and proper operation of all terminal equipment, which includes but is not limited to forklifts, mobile conveyors, yard transportation, silos and elevators, crane operation and rigging.
  • Ability to stand long periods, sitting, bending, twisting and climbing many consecutive flights of stairs.
  • Ability to work at heights, in enclosed or confined spaces, near water, work around moving equipment and machinery and physically able to lift up to 100 lb.
  • Must be able to wear a respirator, a full body harness, and other required personal protective equipment.
  • Must be courteous, professional, safe, and have a positive attitude while working with customers, fellow employees and the general public. Must be a “Team Player.”
  • Must be able to recognize and correct deficiencies, maintain high quality standards and work without supervision when necessary.
  • Good telephone and interpersonal skills.  Ability to effectively communicate in English, both verbally and in writing, with fellow employees, customers, sales personnel, trucking firms and suppliers.

Perform all other duties and functions required by the supervisor associated with the operation of the terminal as long as those duties do not present a hazard.